Workplace Investigations

A workplace investigation is a formal inquiry into a complaint or allegation of misconduct or wrongdoing in the workplace.

Workplace investigation services:

  • Discrimination or harassment:
    Complaints of discrimination or harassment on the basis of protected characteristics such as race, gender, age, religion, or disability.
  • Workplace violence:
    Allegations of threats, physical assault, or other violent behaviour in the workplace.
  • Misconduct or policy violations:
    Allegations of policy violations such as theft, fraud, or misuse of company property.
  • Employee relations issues:
    Complaints related to employee-employer relations, such as bullying or conflict with a manager.
  • Whistleblower complaints:
    Allegations of retaliation against an employee who has raised concerns about illegal or unethical behaviour in the workplace.
  • Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures:
    Structured and legally compliant processes to remedy workplace disputes.