Restructuring, Redundancy and TUPE

Redundancy refers to the situation where an employer needs to reduce its workforce, either permanently or temporarily, due to operational reasons such as decrease in demand for its products or services, technological changes, or organisational restructuring.

Restructuring, redundancy and TUPE services:

  • Consultation:
    Providing the framework for redundancy consultation meetings to ensure that meaningful and timely feedback is provided to, and received from, employees and their representatives.
  • Selection Criteria:
    Advice relating to the fair and objective selection of roles to be placed at risk of redundancy.
  • Exit Management:
    Advice relating to notice periods and redundancy pay in accordance with extant employment laws and existing contractual arrangements.
  • Alternative Employment:
    Identifying suitable alternative roles or TUPE events.
  • TUPE:
    Safeguarding employees' rights and maintaining their employment terms and conditions when a business or service is transferred.